‘Sophie’s Stuff’ as a punchy title? check. 😂 Overuse of the letter S? Absolutely.  Hell yes I like emojis, got to love how those little yellow(or the smart new ‘pc’ function) faces depict my exact emotion. Welcome to my blog. I write with honesty and from the heart as I have no filter – apologies, and I’m hoping that by learning the long embarrassing 😳 hard way I can share my experiences and save a little pain along the way. I’m going to keep it brief on a basic description as you probably would like to know what kind of – I use the word loosely, ‘experience’ I’ve got. If it’s a worldly wise geriatric you are expecting then I’m sorry to disapoint 😬 I’m a tired – not a word used loosely, mother and carer for my children and partner so I really hope I can spread a little laughter (with me or at me) because like my catchy motto states life is very hard and harder alone – aka I fail so you don’t have to 😂 I will be blogging on a variety of subjects from common sense must haves to disabilities and dilemmas and I welcome all comments and feedback.

Sophie – well it would be a bit weird if that wasn’t actually my name 😂 X


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